Emergency Info: MY PET IS HOME ALONE Key Tag & Wallet Card

Product Price: $2.99

Top quality car magnets and pet products for everyone who loves animals. Manufactured in the USA by us, Fundraising4pets, using eco-friendly inks, our magnets add a bit of zest to your car, kitchen, or office while showing you love your pet and support the cause for paws. Under new ownership, Fundraising4pets gives you the best products, the best service, and the best prices.Here at Fundraising4pets.com we love animals like you do, and we want all your precious pets to be protected and cared for in case of an emergency. “Helping you help them” – that’s our motto and our mission. In the course of our work we routinely talk with rescues and individuals who are concerned about what happens if the owner is suddenly unable to care for their pet.
Whether you are a new adopter or part of a rescue group that counsels pet owners…if you live alone or simply want an emergency plan in place in the unfortunate event that you cannot verbally express you have a pet at home…your pet is counting on you, and now you can let others know your pet is home alone and needs help.
Our one-of- a-kind, combination KEY TAG and WALLET CARD with plastic WRITABLE surfaces alerts emergency personnel that you have a pet home alone who needs to be cared for. The key tag alerts the reader to “Please See Wallet Card” but each piece is designed to stand alone bearing the critical information necessary for your pet’s care, without each piece needing to reference the other.
KEY TAG is 2 5/8″ x 1 1/8″ & WALLET CARD is 3 3/8″ x 2 1/8″ (credit card size & thickness). Both are 30mil thick plastic. Product is white with red and black. Use ballpoint pen on the Emergency Pet Info KEY TAG & WALLET CARD. Allow a few seconds for it to dry to become waterproof.
Speak for your pet in any situation. Tell emergency responders your pet needs their help, too.Our great new product allows you to speak loud and clear the care directives for your beloved companion, whatever the situation, wherever you may be. Makes a terrific emergency pet care KIT when combined with item# EMER102, our EMERGENCY PET INFO Magnet. These new products allow you to *always*be able to speak for your pet!

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