Trampoline Pro Jump Slider, Trampoline Ladder Ramp Slide

Product Price: $45.10

“Jump Slider” Trampoline Ramp Side, An Innovative Trampoline Accessory That’s Lots Of Fun And Safer Than Traditional Trampoline Ladders The trampoline Jump Slider is Trampoline Pro’s newest trampoline accessory that replaces traditional trampoline ladders. The trampoline ramp gives jumpers an exciting and safe way to climb on and slide off the trampoline mat surface. The Jump Slider is the perfect trampoline accessory that will give jumpers of all sizes a better and safer way to enjoy trampolines. Traditional trampoline ladders have long been the utilitarian way for jumpers to get on and off a trampoline mat. Thin trampoline ladder steps, usually constructed of metal, can be a slipping hazard especially to little jumpers. The Jump Slider, trampoline ramp slide, is totally new concept that is not only easier and safer to use, but also brings a whole new level of fun to trampoline jumping. The ramp slide makes it easy for jumpers of all sizes to crawl, climb or run up to the trampoline mat surface, and then doubles as a trampoline slide to conveniently scamper off. Bigger jumpers enjoy a whole new way to enjoy the trampoline, while littler jumpers gain the independence of getting on and off by themselves without the danger of slipping on traditional trampoline ladder rungs. Constructed of the same long lasting trampoline materials as your trampoline.Easy to get on and off your trampoline
Safer than ladders
Steel construction with permatron trampoline fabric UV
Fold under storage to prevent small child access to the trampoline
Universal mount for all trampolines

The post Trampoline Pro Jump Slider, Trampoline Ladder Ramp Slide

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