Fairness Cream with Saffron, Aloe Vera and Turmeric Extracts – ★ Improves Skin Complexion – ★ All Natural Formula – ★ Completely Therapeutic Cream Made with Orange and Lemon Peel – ★ Suitable for All Skin Types and Both for Men and Women – ★ Moisturizing and Softening Lotion – ★ Pack of 3 X 30 Grams – Vaadi Herbals

Product Price: $9.95

★ ALL Naturals. NO Harsh Chemicals. NO Detergents. NO Animal Testing. NO Gluten. NO Alcohol. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.★ A time-tested combination of Saffron & Turmeric has been enriched with the age-old goodness of Aloe Vera, to give you a fair & flawless complexion! Together they penetrate your skin to control the production & uneven distribution of melanin, and deep moisturize it. Marks & blemishes lighten; and your face is left supple, perfectly smooth & flawlessly fair! How do Vitamins (A, B, C, E) work in improving skin texture? Topical application of Vitamins A, B, C and E makes the skin supple, smooth and even. The suppleness of the skin is owed to Vitamin B, which enhances the ability of the skin to retain moisture. The smooth texture and even tone is a synergistic effect of all. All these vitamins effectively treat wrinkling. In fact, Vitamins A, C and E even delay the signs of skin aging, as they happen to be potent anti-oxidants. They help in the repair of damaged tissue by stimulating regeneration of cells. And help maintain the elasticity of the skin, by boosting collagen production. They also protect the skin from damage by free radicals. Another protection they provide is that from UV rays induced damage to the skin; as well as minimization of the damage done already. Multivitamins even help the skin against acne and blackhead problems. Vitamin E cleanses the skin; Vitamin C exfoliates (removes dead cells and impurities) and tones (unclogs and shrinks pores); Vitamin A and C reduce oiliness; and Vitamin B renders anti-inflammatory action. They even help in lightening of skin (Vitamin C), dark-spots, acne marks and scars (Vitamins C and E); as well as in treating of pigmentation anomalies (Vitamins A and B) and red blotchiness (Vitamin B).
★ What are the benefits of Aloe Vera and its role in enhancing the complexion? One of Aloe vera’s main benefits is its ability to smoothen and strengthen the skin, by removing dead skin cells from its surface; hence allowing better penetration of nutrients. Another major benefit is its use as an anti aging agent; due to its rich anti oxidants composition, particularly Vitamins A and C; which regenerate and revive skin cells. Aloe vera is also used as an anti bacterial, to treat and control acne and other skin infections; while it can also be used against inflammatory issues, soothing skin dryness and irritation. It can be used to moisturize skin, lighten dark spots and pigmentation, and reduce skin’s oiliness.
★ What is Manjistha and how does it help when used for skin fairness? Manjistha is an herb, that’s for long been used to better the complexion. Also known as Indian Madder or Rubia cordifolia, it is very effective against skin infections that keep recurring, including acne; as well as other diseases. It takes care of pigmentation anomalies, including loss of pigmentation or discoloration and freckles. It is also known to promote the healing of the skin, which may have been damaged due to infection or injury. In fact, it helps accelerate the healing of scalds and burns, while preventing the formation of scars. Manjistha even reduces itching and inflammation, giving skin an even tone; and imparts a reddish tinge and luster to face.
★ What is Lemon Peel and how does it lighten the skin tone? Citrus limon or lemon peel, as it is commonly known, is the rind of lemon. Being citric in nature, it is often used as an anti microbial or an astringent, and sometimes as a bleaching agent too, lightening tan, dark spots and blemishes. It works on maintaining the skin’s pH balance and calm irritated or reddened skin. It works as a toner, clearing the skin of excess oil, impurities and dead skin; while promoting growth of new cells. Lemon Peel is also known to fight acne and add elasticity to skin.
★ What role do Oranges play in imparting clear complexion? Oranges are rich in Vitamins A and C, as well as flavonoids. They all help in improving the skin’s complexion. Vitamin A, for one, clears the pores off impurities; while Vitamin C, helps shrink enlarged pores and remove excess oil; all of which usually cause blackheads and acne. Thus, it rids of these problems. Naringenin, a constituent flavonoid in orange, smoothens the skin; owing to its anti-inflammatory property. To top it, Vitamin C in the fruit, makes it a mild bleaching agent too; helping lighten blemishes, scars, dark patches; reducing pigmentation spots; as well as lightening the overall skin tone.

The post Fairness Cream with Saffron, Aloe Vera and Turmeric Extracts – ★ Improves Skin Complexion – ★ All Natural Formula – ★ Completely Therapeutic Cream Made with Orange and Lemon Peel – ★ Suitable for All Skin Types and Both for Men and Women – ★ Moisturizing and Softening Lotion – ★ Pack of 3 X 30 Grams – Vaadi Herbals

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