Hyperikon T8/T10/T12, 3ft LED Light Tube, Dual-End Powered, 14W (36W equivalent), Instant-On, 1680 Lumens, 4000K (Daylight Glow, Frosted Cover, UL-qualified – (Pack of 4)

Product Price: $42.80

Introducing the high performance Hyperikon® LED T8-Series now in a 3FT variation

Hyperikon proudly provides a wide product line of premium LED T8 bulbs fitting any and all needs. These 14W LED tubes effectively replace any fluorescent 3FT tubes and are dual-end powered providing for an easy and fast installation. In order to ensure the highest safety all Hyperikon® tubes are UL-certified [E359780]. Hyperikon is proud of its premium line of LED T8 tubes setting the standard for excellence and quality.

NOTE: This is a 3FT. For other variations (2FT, 4FT, 5FT, 6FT or 8FT) please visit the Hyperikon Storefront on Amazon.


· Hyperikon® 5 YEAR UNLIMITED warranty

· Reduce your electricity consumption with 60% by going from 36W to only 15W

· Provides a stunning 1680 lumens. That is a staggering 120lm/w!

· Instant-on and shatter-resistant design for both commercial and industrial grade applications.

Simple Installation. Ultimate Flexibility

Easy to install, the Hyperikon ® LED T8 lamp fits into existing linear fluorescent fixtures, making it an ideal solution for any retrofit lamp application. The Hyperikon® 3FT T8 LED tube delivers up to 1680 lumens of enhanced-spectrum 84 CRI light while achieving up to 120 lumens per watt.

Hyperikons 3FT tubes is made with cutting edge and leading diode and driver technology making it the perfect and easiest upgrade option for spaces such as classrooms, healthcare facilities, commercial office spaces or any other application where energy savings and long life are critical.

✔ SAVE 62% INSTANTLY – Save 62% on your electricity bill! Replace 3ft 36W fluorescent tubes with 14W LED Light Tubes.
✔ 45,000 HOUR LIFETIME – With an astonishing life rating of 45,000 hours, or 21 years with 6 hrs/day of use, replacing your tubes is now a thing of the past.
✔ REBATE ELIGIBLE – Holds DLC qualification for maximum potential rebate from your energy provider. Hyperikon® 3ft LED Light Tubes are UL-classified [E359780] to avoid electrical shock and fire hazard
✔ BYPASS REQUIRED – For your safety, please be advised that this tube is not ballast compatible. A simple bypass of any existing ballast is required prior to installation and use of this tube.
✔ HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY – Hyperikon’s five-year unlimited warranty means we’ve got you covered! Contact us for an easy and fast replacement.

The post Hyperikon T8/T10/T12, 3ft LED Light Tube, Dual-End Powered, 14W (36W equivalent), Instant-On, 1680 Lumens, 4000K (Daylight Glow, Frosted Cover, UL-qualified – (Pack of 4)

from Best Online Shopping Deals Today in USA http://www.bestonlineshoppingdealstodayinusa.ga/hyperikon-t8t10t12-3ft-led-light-tube-dual-end-powered-14w-36w-equivalent-instant-on-1680-lumens-4000k-daylight-glow-frosted-cover-ul-qualified-pack-of-4/


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