Sparkle Paper Towels, 6 Big Rolls, Pick-a-size, 6 Count

Product Price: $14.70

Keep it classic with Sparkle Just White 2-ply paper towels. They’re just right for your everyday messes without wiping out your savings! With the 2 Giant Pick-A-Size at 107 sheets per roll, it’s like you are actually getting 3 Regular rolls. Amazing, right!? Sparkle gives you more options when cleaning up messes with Pick-A-Size sheets. Sparkle paper towels with Thirst Pockets will simply deliver your kind of clean, so you can move on to what makes you shine. So, why are you still reading? Go ahead; pick up some Sparkle paper towels for your home, so you can go shop for the fun stuff!6 Big Rolls = 8 Regular Rolls – Replace your ROLL less with more SHEETS per roll (vs. a Sparkle White Regular roll)
Pick-A-Size Paper Towel Sheets with THIRST POCKETS (91 Sheets/Roll)
Just WHITE Paper Towels – Keepin’ it Classic
2-ply Paper Towels to help absorb and stand up to life’s everyday messes
Just the right clean. Just the right price. Sparkle. Just right. If you like Sparkle Just White Paper Towels, also try our Spirited Prints, Hint of Color, and Sparkle Minis

The post Sparkle Paper Towels, 6 Big Rolls, Pick-a-size, 6 Count

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