Oasis Creations Touchless Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser, Hold 500 Multifold Paper Towels

Product Price: $21.49

Keep All Common Use Facilities Germfree

When it comes to common use facilities, such as parks, campuses, office buildings, but also restaurants and bistros, proper sanitation makes a huge difference.

Don’t put your clients, guests or your own business in jeopardy; Reduce cross contamination risk by making these durable, discreet and space saving, touchless, hanging paper towel holders available to everyone.

Invest in a Durable, Cost-Effective Dispenser

Make a smart purchase and save money in the long run. This top quality hand tissue dispenser is a MUST HAVE bathroom accessory for all areas of increased traffic. Want an effective way to reduce paper waste and dispenser maintenance costs? Then this is the

hand towel dispenser you’re looking for.

Extremely durable and long lasting, this efficient, high capacity, hands free paper towel dispenser is most customers’ number one choice for a good reason:

We know sanitation like none other in the market and have made customer satisfaction our top priority.

Very practical and easy to use, you can mount this dispenser on bathroom, or kitchen walls in just seconds. Made of translucent smoke plastic, this dispenser allows you to monitor folded paper levels and easily refill when needed.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Stop wasting money on unreliable paper towel holders that will fail you in the very first few weeks of use.

Trust this RISK-FREE offer and benefit from a 30 days money back guarantee that promises a FULL REFUND of your purchase, in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied. What have you got to lose?

Choose Wisely. Act Now

Click Add to Cart Before We Run Out of Supplies

TOP QUALITY & VALUE: Encourage your guests or employees to adopt hygienic habits, control waste and maintain the facilities properly cleaned and sanitized. Make sure paper towels are easily accessible by everyone, by using this TOP QUALITY, DISCREET STYLE Paper Towel Dispenser. EXTREMELY DURABLE and made of TRANSLUCENT SMOKE PLASTIC, this superior, TOUCHLESS paper tissue holder minimizes the risk of cross contamination and keeps all areas sparkling clean.
COMPACT & SPACE SAVING Dispenser HOLDS 500 MULTIFOLD TOWEL MOUNTABLE DESIGN:HANDS FREE paper towel dispenser is designed to be wall mounted for EASY, SPACE SAVING and ECONOMICAL, single dispensing of guest paper hand towels. Enjoy CONTROLLED, COST EFFECTIVE HYGIENE and DRYING even in facilities with the most restricted space available.
EXTRA HYGIENIC KEY LOCK FEATURE: Ideal for restaurants, office buildings, parks or campuses, this HANGING restroom accessory features a lock design to ensure minimal pilferage and reduce waste. Keep your bathroom, kitchen, office or any other high traffic area carefully sanitized and immaculate. With this WALL MOUNT, touchless paper towel dispenser you will also receive 2 DISPENSER KEYS for your utmost convenience and safety.
HIGH CAPACITY HOLDER & EASY REFILL: Benefit from this SUPER PRACTICAL and EASY TO REFILL, HIGH CAPACITY paper towel dispenser, which can hold up to 500 MULTIFOLD PAPER TOWELS. With this kind of storage capacity, you can make sure that your guests feel thoughtfully looked after without the need for often refilling.
30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: With our 30 days money back guarantee policy, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Should you find this professional hand towel dispenser less than 100% satisfactory, feel free to return the product and you will receive a FULL REFUND of your purchase promptly. This is a RISK-FREE OFFER, grab this opportunity NOW.

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